Purpose of Griha Pravesh

Purpose of Griha Pravesh

The Griha Pravesh Puja is performed to bring positive energy and to bring good fortune before shifting to a new house and drive away from the ill-effects, doshas, ward off negative energies. Griha Pravesh rituals are performed for cleansing the new house with Vedic mantras and make it peaceful to live happily. “Shri Ganesha” signifies the start of something, especially the beginning of something good and positive For this region, Ganesha Puja is imperative when entering into a new home. To accurately align the five elements of house – the sun, earth, water, fire and wind to bring happiness, prosperity and good health to the residents we perform Griha Pravesh puja.

Good time for Griha Pravesh

This is auspicious puja aim to bring prosperity,peace and happiness in the house. So, to perform the puja right muhurat is very important you can consult to perform this puja at your home by booking a North Indian pandit in Bangalore and Pandit ji for puja to performing the rituals and auspicious date in the right muhurat Pandit Ji must be considered during the Graha pravesh. In our ancient scriptures Griha Pravesh have been mentioned of Three types: Apoorva: Newly constructed house first entry is called apoorva (new) Graha pravesh. Sapoorva: An already existing house after travelling abroad or migration elsewhere entry is called sapoorva Graha pravesh. Dwandwah: Entrying reconstruction or renovation subsequent to damage due to fire, flood or earthquake, is termed as dwandwah (old) Graha pravesh.
The dates according to lunar calender (Tithies) 4/9/14 and no moon night (Amavas) are not good time to perform this puja it should be avoided in time.

How to do worship on Griha Pravesh

The first entry into the house at the auspicious moment when you are entering the new house Chant the ten mantras( गृह प्रवेशाय नम:। गृह प्रवेशाय नमो नम:। गृह प्रवेशाय शुभ नम:। गृह प्रवेशाय शांति भव। गृह शुक्राय नम:। गृह बृहस्पतये नम:। गृह बुधाय नम:। गृह मंगलम् नमो नम:। गृह सोमेश्वराय नम:। गृह रवि नमो नम:।) and break the coconut before entering the new home. It is believed that coconut removes every obstacles in upcoming life.
You should decorate your house with bandanwar, rangoli and fresh flowers and make colourful rangoli made up of vibrant colours and rice flour. It is believed that Rangoli invites Goddess Laxmi, wealth and prosperity in the home. we should always step forward our right foot first when entering a new house. And its believe people should bring cow’s milk in the new home and boil cow’s milk let it spill a little bit when it is boiling. For performing the puja place the idols facing east direction insided the house. Place God’s photo and perform Kalasa Puja. Then, say your Sankalpa, i.e. you are proclaiming the purpose of your intended puja to follow.Then, do Vinayaka puja, followed by 108 names recitation followed by dhoop, deep, Naivedya mantra and Pushpam.Then, do Satyanarayana Vrata Katha, if you can. If you cannot, then recite Narayana Suktam (Sahasra shirsham Devam VishwAksham VishwaSambhuva) and then full mantra pushpam (Yo pam pushpam Veda, pushpvan prajavan….).Then do Navagraha puja then take “Nava dhanya” grains to sparkle in the house while reciting Purusha suktam walk in every corner of the house like bedrooms, toilet, closets, shelves, basement, racks etc Sprinkling holy water with mango leaves in all the rooms to ward of all the negative energies and the grains in every nook and corner of the house. Then come back to puja area and perform Aarti and homa pyar god to bless the house and bless you with prosperous and beneficial life.

Prasad for Griha Pravesh

For parsad prepare Panch Meva with mixture of Almonds, Dry Dates, Raisins, Makhanas (Fox Nuts), and Cashew Nuts and panch mithai like Bundi Laddu, Milk Cake, Besan Laddu, Rasgulle and Coconut mithai or any 5 types of dry sweets. Also, Panch Fruits mixture of bananas, guava, apple and any two types of seasonal fruits. And than mix Atta in Ghee with Jaggery to make dry Prasad. It is also called Kashar or Mahabhog.

Benefits of Griha Pravesh

The Griha Pravesh Puja perform to purifies and spiritualizes the surrounding and environment of the home with holy vibes, helps to overcome and removes any obstacles, protects the house from negative energy, evil eyes and increases the flow of positive energy in the home and a divine ambiance.The Griha Pravesh Puja helps to ensure the nine plantes are prevent unfortunate events from happening in the home. Book Panditji for Griha Pravesh Puja online from vedikpuja.in

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